Members of the Constitutional Convention

Global Politics

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Political Science 014 Monday January 18th 1999 Announcements: Make sure to be in recitation the country for you first project will be assigned during this time. Lecture notes: I. Politics A. The problem with politics is the allocations of scarce resources B. You should think of politics in the same way as you view economics 1. The trading of goods (free-will) 2. Most of the actions such as taxes are influenced by society but the rights are not taken away as easily 3. When someone is gets a right someone else loses a right C. Redistribution - the spreading of scarce resources (w/ in a nation). II. Power A. Two kinds of power: 1. Economic power (determines who can run in an election) 2. Lawmakers’ power (determines how the election will run). A. Power is the key factor but can’t be measured you must make inferences 1. This is the reason that theory is important in international politics. III.
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Members of the Constitutional Convention - Political...

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