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A. Realists believe that you must learn to live with anarchy..."

Global Politics

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Political Science 014 Wednesday, January 20 th , 1999 Announcements: None Lecture notes: I. Power the currency of politics A. It can be used to satisfy specific demands B. Power may have value in itself C. Fundability- easily transformed into something else Examples: Money and power II. International System A. It is a self help system B. There is no institution to order the system---so it is an anarchy C. It is different from democracy system III. Idealism A. Idealism is a normative theory
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Unformatted text preview: B. Idealism is the knowledge that the system is anarchy IV. Realism A. Realists believe that you must learn to live with anarchy because it is always going to be there B. They are more concerned with questions of power C. They differ from idealists in that they are pessimistic about whether or not institutions are going to work in international systems D. Realists are trying to counter moves in the international system so that no one wins....
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