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Political Science 014 Wednesday January 13 th 1999 Announcements: Professor Gartzke made a few clarifications about the syllabus: make sure to read the World Briefing section of the New York Times along with the other articles on international relations; for the short paper take one part or problem for a country and come up with a plan on how to fix it; and make sure to pay attention to the definitions on the side of the pages of the textbooks they are used for material on the mid-term and final. Lecture notes: I. International politics is anything that has to do with relations between countries and the events that happen in foreign countries . Examples: the bombings in the Congo; the U.S. putting sanctions on three Universities in Moscow for allegedly selling technology to Iran. II. The focus of the course will be to examine the relations between countries. Example: The crisis between the U.S. and Iraq A. Iraq invaded Kuwait because they wanted its oil and by invading Kuwait they broke international law concerning borders
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The crisis between the U.S. and Iraq - Political Science...

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