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PL SC 014 Friday, January 29, 1999 Announcements: Map quiz in two weeks ( Feb. 12) on the Africa and Asia. Lecture notes: Nationalism and Self-determination I. Argument #1 A. Nationalism is bad because it is going to harm democracy B. Criteria: 1. Nationalism prevents the nations of the world from corroborating 2. It also prevents democracy from functioning the way it should 3. It also harms the rights of man. C. Evidence: The author uses the French revolution and the history of nationalism to support his argument D. Hypothesis (single cause/single effect): Nationalism leaves room for attacks by other groups ( conflict). 1. It sharpens ideology 2. Makes people more willing to come together E. Democracy ( How it is effected by nationalism) 1. Nationalism is a goal to obtain in democracy 2. Nationalism could intensify the conflict within a democracy 3. Nationalism will lead to the down fall of democracy II. Argument #2 A. Nationalism is good B. Criteria: 1. Nationalism helps the stability of a country.
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Rwanda - PL SC 014 Friday, January 29, 1999 Announcements:...

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