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Comm theory article 1 - David Spodofora Diffusion of...

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David Spodofora Diffusion of Innovations, by Everett Rogers (1995) Interpreted by Greg Orr A. Introduction What this article is about is a mere summary of the famous book Diffusion of Innovations by the connoisseur himself Everett Rogers. Since the book itself is expensive to buy and extremely long I have chosen to review a review of the book by Greg Orr. Diffusion of innovation theory has become well known because of Everett Rogers, his best work ever. B. Literature Review “Diffusion is the process by which innovation is communicated through certain channels over time among the members of a social system”. What this merely means is basically the spread of new messages, a time in which a trend catches on to the public parse. Everett Rogers has conjured up the mechanics involved in diffusion there are 5 members to the social system: 1) Knowledge – person becomes aware of an innovation and has some idea of how it functions, 2) Persuasion – person forms a favorable or unfavorable attitude toward the innovation, 3) Decision – person engages in activities that lead to a choice to adopt or reject the
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Comm theory article 1 - David Spodofora Diffusion of...

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