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Religion 121 final study guide - Religion final review...

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Religion final review: Pentecost: AD 30 passover festival = Pentacost Pentacost= a festival 50 days after Passover (usually in May) This was the official beginnings of Christianity Signifies the origin of Christianity Earliest Christian Creed: A concise statement of the fundamental beliefs of the early Christians Creed = word of belief Hymn = word of praise AD 53, 1 Corinthians: For I handed on to you (=the Corinthian Christians) a tradition of the greatest importance, which I had also received as a tradition: Came from Jerusalem Jesus’s death was in accord with the will of god Four concise statements: 1 st and 3 rd = beliefs Others = warrants for the beliefs….a reason 30-33 AD Antioch on the Orontes: City in Syria Where those from Jerusalem who had been persecuted ended up Orontes = the river People for the first time talked to Greeks about Christianity Antioch is also the first place where the diciciples were called Christians (not Jerualem The name Christians: Disciples were first called Christians in Antioch They were persecuted in Jerualem Humiliation and Exaltation Pattern: Going from poor to rich or rich to poor Like chareas and Callirhoe…. Aristocrats then slaves then aristocrats Jesus’s death and crucifixion and then exaltation is his resurrection Paul’s Dual Citizenships: Citizen of Rome and Tarsus Demonstrates a high status Part of aristocratic class Quotes poetry like homer
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Saul/Paul: Saul is the Jewish name, after famous Benjamite King Sual Paul is the latin name used outside Jewish Community…. Amoung CHristians Paul’s Damascus Road Experience: Paul goes to persecute Christians and ends up being converted and then is used as an instrument to convert others Dramatic transformation Bright light …. God said “why do you persecute me”….he is blind for the rest of the trip , must be led, and then when he gets to the city he regains his sight and becomes a believer First Missionary Journey: Paul and Barnabas added significantly to the number of non-jews within Christianity They went to many places including Cypress and Asia Minor Situation created a problem: Do non-jews who convert to Christianity also have to become Jewish and follow the law? The journey was a loop Jewish law as Paidagogos: Galatians 3:23-25 – the law that guided them before Christ came is no longer important, because the law is compared to a “disciplinarian,” or a paidagogos, which is only a temporary role Also a disciplinarian …. Purpose of the law is too guide us…. Also comes to an end Christ is the end of the law: Christians at Antioch, including Paul and Barnabas said that non-jews did not have to first become Jewish before becoming chrisitians and that they did NOT have to follow Jewish law They said that Christ was the end of the law Leads to separation between Judiasm and Christianity
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Religion 121 final study guide - Religion final review...

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