Metaphor of the State

Global Politics

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PL SC 014 Wednesday, February 3rd, 1999 Announcements: None Lecture notes: I. Reason why we want to know who Actors are: A. To figure out who we want to keep and who we want to eliminate when we are analyzing international relations. II. States A. A large part of a states function is national security B. All states have common elements. Example: North Korea and Belgium both have Embassies throughout the world. C. Metaphor of the State: The State is like a pyramid 1. Head of State Leaders 2. Body of Government 3. Enfranchised --people who the ruler depends on to help him to stay in power 4. Dis-enfranchised -- "Selectorate" --Does not have a large impact on rulers D. Why the Selectorate has changed in size? 1. Modern war has required a mass mobilization of the population; in the past the fighting was left to a small number of specially trained soldiers 2. In order for governments to ask its citizens to die for their country, they had to give them more power. 3. This increase of power led to the increase of selectorate. III. International government organization (IGO) vs. International Government (IG) A. International Government organization (IGO) - it links or pairs at least
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2 countries together. Example- United Nations (important because it has had
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Metaphor of the State - PL SC 014 Wednesday February 3rd...

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