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PL SC 014 Wednesday, February 10th, 1999 Announcements: A new overseas program is being offered by the political science department for a six week summer course in Maastricht, Holland. The program is for European Integration. Courses will be offered in political science and economics. The 9- credit program will run from June 15-August 10, 1999. Each participant will take a 3 credit course in both political science and economics. The last two weeks of the course will be spent traveling around Europe visiting the major financial institutions. Each participant will receive 3 credits for this and will be required to keep a journal which will be turned into the faculty advisor from PSU. All class will be taught by Maastricht professors in an English tutorial style. If you have questions:, or call 5- 3205. Lecture notes: I. Review of Monday's class A. Social Psychology Perspectives - how leaders make decisions. 1. Heuristic - using the " rule of thumb" for most decisions, but not in crisis situations 2. Cognitive Misperspectives- during important decisions leaders are stressed, and worried and therefore they tend to make more mistakes. B. Things to look at when evaluating a leaders decisions: 1. Historic "Great Man" Theory - evaluates the person themselves 2. Misperception Theories - looks at the act that the decision was made about 3. Janis's Group Theory - looks at the group surrounding the decision II. Graham Allison's book " Essence of Decisions" A. Book uses the Cuban Missile Crisis to analyze the decision making process B. Concerned with how decisions are made C. He chooses this because of the wide spread prior knowledge of the subject III. Cuban Missile Crisis A. Very important for United States in its power in international relations B. Occurred during the peak of the Cold War ( October 1962) C. Leader of USSR during this time was Khrushchev. D. During the end of Eisenhower's administration he had U2 spy planes fly over the USSR 1. A U2 plane was shot down and the pilot was captured 2. The USSR government put the pilot in front of reporters, and relations soured E. Kennedy and Khrushchev met in Europe, but the meetings didn't work 1. The reason was that Khrushchev looked at Kennedy as nieve because he was
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Cuban Missile Crisis - PL SC 014 Wednesday, February 10th,...

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