Peloponnesian War

Global Politics

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PL SC 014 Friday, February 12th, 1999 Announcements: We took a quiz on Asia. The next map quiz will be on Europe and it will be in two weeks. Be sure to read about the events going on in Jordan for next Friday's class. Lecture notes: I. Why study previous events, such as war, today? A. History is very important 1. It can be used to test theories 2. It can be used as examples B. Gives us puzzles to solve/stimulate theories II. Peloponnesian War A. It happened in 5th century Greece, which covered modern Greece and parts of Southern Italy and Sicily. 1. Made up of many city-states 2. The two most powerful during this time was Athens and Sparta B. The war was between Athens and Sparta 1. It lasted 27 years III. Sparta A. Was a greek city-state B. Had slaves called Helots 1. They revolted frequently C. Had the best trained and largest army in Greece 1. At the age of six, boys were taken away from there families and started their military training 2. They served in the army until their early 60s D. It was landlocked E. Had the only standing army in Greece 1. It was the only one with a permanent army, all the other city-states called new armies each time they went into battle. 2. This is one of the reasons their army was so well trained F. It had the fewest citizens out of all the city-state IV. Battles A. During this time period battles were fought on large fields B. The two battling armies would line up in many rows on either side of the battle field C. Each soldier had a shield on their left arm and a spear on their right 1. The shields were used to protect the person on the left of the soldier
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2. The person on the far right was left unprotected
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Peloponnesian War - PL SC 014 Friday February 12th 1999...

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