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Unformatted text preview: BIO 325 Genetics Barbara E. Moore, Ph.D. School of Biological Sciences Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Please complete a 3 x 5 card & turn in at end of class Last Name, First Name UT EID Major field of study Email or phone where you can be reached during this semester 1 question relevant to genetics that you would like to be able to answer by the end of this semester Course Details Office & contact info NMS 3.304 [email protected] Office Hours: T Th 10:30 a.m. 12 noon (or by appointmt) Text Brooker Genetics: Analysis & Principles [2nd ed] Teaching Assistant Ms. Nidhi Sharma Discussion Sections Course Details Blackboard Tentative Schedule Exams Grading Student responsibilities Questions/Concerns ? Genetics: study of inheritance Transmission genetics Molecular genetics Population genetics Genetics The basis of all `living' things Individuality What does an organism look like? What does a cell and/or an organims do? It all starts with a nucleic acid code, expressed when DNA > RNA > protein or some variation thereof Single cell or multicellular organism Viruses Genetics in Modern Life Progress in understanding cellular functions Basis for genetic diseases Cancer Stem cell research Function of specific cell types Genetics in Modern Life Diagnosis of genetic & infectious diseases Screening of newborns or highrisk individuals Rapid detection of known / new pathogen Potential for disease treatment Genetics in Modern Life Forensics Biotechnology Production of food, pharmaceuticals Plant & animal cloning Biocomputers / biomechanics ...
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