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PL SC 014 Wednesday, February 17th, 1999 Announcements: None Lecture notes: I. Current Events A. The Kurdish leader, Adbullah Ocalan, was arrested in Kenya. 1. He was one of the most wanted fugitives in Turkey. 2. He was the Kurd leader for the last 14 years. 3. Turks wanted to arrest him because they believed he was a terrorist 4. The Kurds, especially Ocalan, have been fighting for a homeland in Turkey. a. Turks don't want them to live there. 5. Kurds are currently living in Northern Iraq and Syria, Southern Turkey and parts of Iran. 6. Kurds all over the world have been staging riots and storming embassies in reaction to the arrest of their leader. B. Kosovo 1. Madeline Albright said that deal must be made by Saturday, or NATO will proceed with the bombing in Serbia. 2. NATO has stated that any peace agreement reached between the two countries will be enforced by 28,000 NATO troops over the next three years. a. Of these 28,000 troops, President Clinton has pledged 4,000 troops. 3. People of Kosovo have agreed to give up on the idea of having a referendum in 3 years. a. They were going to vote for their independence. b. They had one condition to this concession, that NATO troops enforce the peace agreement. 4. Currently, the major disagreement that the Serbs have had is the use of NATO troops to enforce the pending peace agreement. . 5. The peace keepers are waiting to see Serbian President Milan Milutinovic's reaction to the terms of the peace agreement. II. Democracy A. Democracy is a branch of liberalism B. It means government by the people.
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C. It has its roots in Ancient Greece. 1. Everyone was able to vote on all matters of state.
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Democracy - PL SC 014 Wednesday, February 17th, 1999...

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