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Zach Thibodeau The principle difference between romantic and erotic love, similar to the difference between lust and love, lies at the issue of emotional intensity in the relationship as well as the extent of sacrifice, and whether it exists or does not exist. Lust, like erotic love, is fueled only by a sexual desire and a chance at sexual pleasure. Lust, for different reasons, can be felt instantaneously over several hundred women or men at once. Men are constantly on the hunt for that feeling of lust, because it satisfies our most basic sexual desires. While on the other hand, women are constantly on the hunt for love because it satisfies their stereotypical emotional needs. The difference between the two is the longevity and the determination it takes to achieve one of these two kinds of love. Lust, generally, takes less time, less energy, and less overall enthusiasm than that of romantic love. Romantic love, that which generally all people desire in their long-term life plans, takes weeks, months, and years to fully accomplish in
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