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PL SC 014 Friday, February 19th, 1999 Announcements: Papers are due on Wednesday. Try to focus on one issue and you can use first person. Spend about a page or less on the countries background. The length of the paper should be 5-7 pages. There will be a map quiz next Friday on Europe, including Turkey. Lecture notes: I. France A. Where the Kosovo peace conference is being held. B. Major nation in both NATO and UN. 1. Of the permanent members on the Security Council 2. Pulled out from under the US nuclear umbrella in the 1970s because of a disagreement. C. Has labor problems, especially with in the agricultural industry. 1. Agriculture is protected by tariffs. II. Germany A. Recently Germany's leader was defeated in election. 1. He was the longest serving leader since Bismarck, who ruled in the 1870s when untied Germany. B. German soldiers will be taking part in the peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. 1. Marks the first time that German soldiers have left Germany since WWII. 2. There is a clause in the German constitution that prohibits German soldier to be sent outside of Germany. a. It was amended a few years ago when German sent air support to Iraq in support of the US's efforts there. C. Europe is nervous about German military powers, because of its track record.
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Germany - PL SC 014 Friday, February 19th, 1999...

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