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Global Politics

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PL SC 014 Monday, February 22nd, 1999 Announcements: Paper is due at the begining of the period on Wednesday. Lecture notes: I. Current Events A. Kurds 1. One of their factious leaders, Abdullah Ocalan, was arrested in Kenya for crimes in Turkey a. He was fighting with Turkey, so that the Kurds could have their own nation. b. Had an alliance with Greece, and that is why Turks hated him even more i. Greeks and Turks have a long standing hatred, so when ever they can take opposite sides they do. 2. Kurds protested at Israel embassies throughout Europe. a. Kurds believe that Israel special forces were responsible for the arrest. b. At the Israeli embassy in Berlin, Kurds were shot by a security guard when they stormed the embassy. 3. Kurds are a they, not an it a. They are mountain people b. No one is really sure what their exact origin is 4. They are a classic example of a nationalism because they are a nation without a state. a. They live in parts of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. 1. Only thing they can all agree on is that the Kurds should not have their own state. b. They have been trying to obtain autonmy, since the early 20th century, but have been unsucessful thus far. 5. The Kurds have 2 major factions a. Some are allied with countries such as Iran and Syria. b. They have to be divided to survive i. they know that they can not fight a country, their army is not large enough 6. Keep reading about the Kurds, questions about them could appear on the exam. II. Socialism A. Not a dead practice of government, just not many countries are willing to
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admitt that they are socialists. B. The ideology for socialism develops in the 19th century 1. Developed in particularly in Western Europe, especially in France and England C. Developed as a reaction to industrialism that was sweeping through
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