Global Politics

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PL SC 014 Monday, March 1st, 1999 Announcements: If you can't go to you recitation on Friday, you can still receive credit for the class by going to a presentation of "Frontline" on Wednesday night from 6:45-8:00pm in 160 Willard. It will be a documentary on Rwanda. Material from this week is not on the midterm, but will be on the final. There will be 13-15 short answer questions, and you will have to answer 10. Lecture notes: I. International Political Economics A. Involves the interaction of politics and economics B. Can be politics of economics or economics of politics. C. 3 Traditional perspectives: 1. Mercantilism- realist economics 2. Liberalism - sam rules/principles of the political theory of the same name. 3. Structuralism - socialist economics II. Mercantilism A. Focus is on the economic competition and subservient role economics plays in politics B. Believe that politics must control economics C. Europeans explore and conquer new world, then they take the resources there and use them for gains in Europe. Example: Spain became very rich from the gold found in its colonies in South America. It then used the gold to build a large armada. Then decided they were going to fight English, but most of the boats sank on the way to England. D. Not concerned with being fast, but being first. E. They have a must win philosophy F. Countries should look at economics as a competition G. Is not a promote theory because there is no real colonialism left in the world. III. Neo-Mercantilism A. It was the adaptation of Mercantilism to international changes B. Create systems that give a disportional advantage over others C. It is the prominent theory used in developing countries, especially in Asia
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Mercantilism - PL SC 014 Monday March 1st 1999...

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