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1 ECEN 454 Digital Integrated Circuit Design Spring 2008 Homework 1 Solution Problem 1. (5 points) Suppose that you want to implement a 1-k Ω resistor using n-type diffusion region. The n-type diffusion has a sheet resistance of 100 Ω per square, i.e., a 4um-long 2um-wide line of diffusion has a resistance of 100ohms x 4um/ 2um = 200 ohms (the depth of diffusion is controlled by the process and cannot be changed by the designer). You also need to connect each end of your diffusion resistor to a piece of metal 1 (1 st metal layer) via a contact to allow the wiring of the resistor. According to the design rules, the minimum line width for metal 1 and n-diffusion are both 1um, and there should be a minimum 0.5um extension of metal and diffusion over the contact cut. 1) Draw three masks for the diffusion, metal 1 and contact layers for fabricating your resistor. 2) Does your design provide an exact 1-k Ω resistance? If not, what may be the factors impacting your final resistance value? 3)
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454Spring08HW1_Solution - ECEN 454 Digital Integrated...

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