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Maggie Morris Dr. Cummings FYS 125 September 18, 2007 Journal on Meditations 1. Who is the author? Marcus Aurelius was born in Rome on August 26, 121. He was the fourteenth Emperor of Rome from 161 until he died in 180. He is considered by many to be one of the most important stoic philosophers. Aurelius married in 145 a woman named Faustina the Younger and they remained married until his death 30 years later. They had 13 children together however only one son and four daughters outlived their father. It took Aurelius 10 years to write the twelve books that make up Meditations and it is seen as a source for his own guidance and self-improvement. He also financed all four of the great philosophical schools including The Academy, founded by Aristotle. 2. What are the major themes of this work? One of the many themes of this work is the theme of reflection not only on your own life and what you have done to help yourself, but what other people have done to help you get to where you are. Aurelius makes this
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