Causes of War

Global Politics

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PL SC 014 Wednesday, April 7th, 1999 Announcements: All Dan's sections have a quiz on Friday on North and South America Lecture notes: I. Causes of War A. Systemic Theories of War 1. There was a bipolar war during the Cold War a. You either had an alliance with the United States or the Soviet Union 2. Today there exists a multipolar world 3. Because the world is bipolar, the balance of power theory has flaws a. Doesn't apply at all in some cases B. Didactic Theories of War that involve at least two states C. Diversionary Theories 1. "Wag the Dog" 2. Doesn't look as if it is happening in most cases 3. Problem : If a country is known to be using this theory, other countries will be more cautious toward them. 4. Politics is different from physics because in physics there is a set cause and effect. In politics, there may be similar causes, but the effects will be different each time because each country will react differently and change their behavior accordingly. D. State Level Theories of War 1. Liberalists view 2. Countries where the people rule the government (republics) are less likely to fight because the citizens are the ones who have to declare war and are the ones that are going to fight 3. In monarchies and dictatorships, the leaders are more likely to us war to resolve conflict because the citizens are the ones who have to fight, not the leader. 4. Republics tend to be associated with liberal economics
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Causes of War - PL SC 014 Wednesday April 7th 1999...

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