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fall06004 - How many days would you expect a dairy cow to...

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Unformatted text preview: How many days would you expect a dairy cow to be dry during a year? a. 30 days b. 60 days e. 90 days d. 120 days How many pounds of blood passes through the udder to produce one pound of milk? a. 5 pounds b. 50 pounds 0. 500 pounds d. 5000 pounds Which of the following is most correct? 21. Cattle inventory has no effect on cattle prices. b. Cattle prices have steadily increased over the past two decades for both feeder cattle and fed cattle. c. Cattle prices tend to rise with increases in inventory and decline with low inventory. at. None of the above Which of the following has been most profitable in the past 5-6 years? a. cow-calf production b. cattle feeding c. cattle packing Colorado is a top 5 state for production of ? a. beef cows b. feedlot production 0. both d. neither Which of the following has the shortest production cycle? a. beef cattle b. hogs Which of the following measures production by the hour? a. cow—calf ‘ b. stacker c. feeder d. packer Which segment is most likely to profit from compensatory gain? a. cow—calf b. stocker c. packer ...
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