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PL SC 014 Friday, April 9th, 1999 Announcements: Next Friday there will the quiz on North and South America Lecture notes: I. Kosovo A. Can NATO negotiate with Milosevic? B. Either way NATO will look bad 1. If they don't negotiate with him and the situation continues they will look bad 2. If they do, they will be criticized because they will letting someone who they have called the "next Hitler" stay in power. C. They use of ground troops is becoming a possibility 1. When the US sent the latest wave of military support over, they sent over the officials needed to step up a ground troop headquarters over with them. 2. Will probably not be used because it would take 6-8 weeks to get the 250,000 soldiers needed to successfully attack Serbs. D. NATO has destroyed the major roadways connecting the military sites and some military sites themselves. E. Serbs are thought to be using the ethnic Albanians as a human shield. 1. They have called several "cease fires" saying that the war is over in
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Mexico - PL SC 014 Friday April 9th 1999 Announcements...

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