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Islam Pg 4 - e None of the [email protected] Acoording fihny’s...

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Unformatted text preview: e.- None of the above. . @22 Acoording fihny’s discussion of the theoIOgy of the nmmehagtioyir does I Muslim Worldview divide the world? a. ' into Crusaders (Christians) and Zionists-'(Iews)- into Dar all-Islam and Der al—Harb. ' 0. into Sunni and Shi ‘i. d. Ail ofthe above. e. None of the above. - [K The Stifi imagedf a moth being drawn to a flame is a metaphor that expresses which theological concept for Sufism? a. The Beotzfio Vision st!- . _, Dhikr or remembering the names of God. #1 @ Self—annihilation. i I All ofthe above. % None of the above. ‘6’ 1‘4. Iii Blood Brothers Chapter 8 “WW” * What does Fr. Cheeour identifies the tine egiyrit in the eehflict between Israelis and Palestinians? .,.~».—......... _ .____ ,_...... ”~_.......—.»-_4.~..‘_...._.——‘., . n... .. a. ‘God is inserutable will. which decreed .1071 ,ggathat fheseheeeéif of deseendentsfiom Iseeg end Ishmael we 91.31%?‘37‘ get along. " 61 “met? anti-Swifts??? ”Where Lee eteereeeieeeeeeimtembs b. rather than the other way around. X @ eases: of militarism. ' d. e. All of the above. None ofthe above. p 15 . The nation that wasthe first to recognize Israel as an independent state was a. the Soviet Union, in hopes of bringing it into its sphere of influence. _. _ Greet VBritafingment of its promises in the Baifour Declaration. the United States, through Hang: S. T rumon ’s p one can 3Wmutes> . afier the declaration. d. , All of the above. 6. None of the above. X Denn sa 151211113353 What word to convey What we mea_n_hy ‘theology”? - (:3 .' Kalam or theology. ” HM} _ _ . ' . S aadah or “witness. ” TaWhid or "oneness. ” d. All ofthe above. e. 7 None of the above. PQM’L Why is it so important to Muslims to believe in angels? a. If there were no angels, there would be. no jinn and Muslims have experienced the influence of these impish creatures. ...
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