Lecture 1.29 - 01.29.08 Collective Goods Problem...

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01.29.08 Collective Goods Problem International Relations concerns peoples and cultures throughout the world. Narrowly Defined: The field of IR concerns the relationships among the world’s governments. (Relationships cannot be understood in isolation. The central trend = globalization ) IR And Daily Life IR profoundly affects your life as well as that of other citizens. (prospects of getting jobs; jobs entail international travel, sales, or communication; rules of the world- trading system affect what you may consume.) War is among the most pervasive international influences in daily life, even in peacetime. Our society is oriented toward war, even during peace (rearmament). The world is shrinking year by year (communication, technology, travel) Core Principles IR revolves around one key problem: How can a group - such as two or more nations serve its collective interests when doing so requires its members to forego their individual interests? (Ex: Problem of global warming. Solving it can only be achieved by many countries acting together.) Collective goods problem: The problem of how to provide something that benefits all members of a group regardless of what each member contributes to it. In general, collective goods are easier to provide in small groups than large ones. (Small Group : Defection - free riding - is harder to conceal and has a greater impact on the overall collective good, and is easier to punish)
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Lecture 1.29 - 01.29.08 Collective Goods Problem...

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