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Global Politics

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PL SC 014 Monday, April 12th, 1999 Announcements: none Lecture notes: I. Armed Races A. Linked to war B. Countries that collect weapons tend to fight others 1. As seen during World War II C. Definition - the competitive armament by two or more countries to protect themselves from each other D. Realists almost always assume that it is to compete 1 Realists concepts basis II. Why countries buy arms? A. One reason is if a country sees its neighbors or enemies buy weapons, they will buy weapons. B. Domestic considerations is another reason (nonrealistic) III. Prisoner's dilemma A. What realists believe countries deal with when faced with international affairs B. What happens when two criminals are arrested and they are put in separate rooms for questioning C. Dilemma: Do they tell the truth or not? D. Police have the pay-off setup so one will defect E. If both keep their mouth shut, they will have a smaller punishment F. If both tell the truth, they will have a worse punishment than if they would have not told G. If one talks, he will get off (or have a lesser punishment), and the other has the worse punishment
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E. Each prisoner will be better off defecting, because the punishment will be
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Armed Races - PL SC 014 Monday April 12th 1999...

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