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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon _m=23702cd8cf25a965731a9b9b2d0eca04&_docnum=6&wchp=dGLbVzz- US lawmakers vow zero tolerance in anti-steroid sports bill.url Jack okinen SES 225 Instructors’ name Date Steroids in baseball The recent discovery of steroid use in professional sports proves one thing: people cheat. People will look for any possible advantage that may exist. Many athletes- some would say most athletes- are willing to bend the rules, or at least interpret them liberally. It is up to those who preside over these sports- the commissioners, the governing bodies- to step forward and ensure that the dignity of our games is protected. Unfortunately, many of these men and women were not doing a good enough job of protecting their respective sports. Early last year, the House Commerce Trade and Consumer  Protection Subcommittee  held hearings to examine the issue of steroid use in professional
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baseball. Bud Selig’s initial proposal for steroid testing, in which the first positive test
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Steroids -...

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