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Global Politics

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PL SC 014 Monday, April 19th, 1999 Announcements: Next Wednesday---essay questions and short answer list will be distributed Lecture notes: I. Kosovo A. So far about one million people have left Kosovo B. What is the next step? C. Must evaluate situation with criteria setup over the semester: 1. Who are the relevant actors? 2. What they want? 3. What are the circumstances surrounding the affair? II. What is NATO's goal in bombing Serbia? A. The main goal was to get Milosevic to sign the peace treaty 1. Members of NATO and the KLA are not sure if they will sign the treaty now B. What did the treaty contain: 1. Kosovo would not get autonomy 2. Kosovo would determine laws 3. NATO peacekeepers would enforce the peace treaty terms a. This is the main reason the Serbs would not sign the treaty in the first place C. Why does Milosevic want Kosovo? 1. Kosovo is considered the birthplace of Serbian nationalism a. Where the Serbs were defeated by the Turks 2. Milosevic rose to power there 3. In the late 80s, Milosevic gave a speech there that helped him gain power a. In the speech, he told his followers how he was going to regain Kosovo as a Serb territory b. Nationalism was the big movement during this time in the region, since Marxism was dying D. When Serbs are asked why they are fighting with the neighbors that they lived with so long in peace they said it was because they read if they din't attack the ethnic Albanians, the
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Kosovo - PL SC 014 Monday April 19th 1999 Announcements...

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