Effect of Population and Food Supply

Global Politics

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PL SC 014 Wednesday, April 21st, 1999 Announcements: None Lecture notes: I. Effect of Population and Food Supply A. Study started in the 19th century by Thomas Mathus B. He believed that the food supply would lag as teh population increase 1. The food supply had linear growth 2. Population grows expodentially because he was living in the 19th century England 3. System was run by gentry a. They held most of the land b. Cost was high c. Inefficient system d. Technology improved because gentry put money in e. eventually abandoned system; 1st tried to protect the system with tariffs C. Two problems: 1. System he observed was not true of all systems 2. He didn't understand that social/behavior science is different the regular science II. Economist in Maryland bet anyone to buy a commodity (i.e. food), it will go down in 10 years A. If food goes up, you will adjust your eating habits accordingly
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1. 18th century New England there was a law against feeding servants too many lobsters 2. Today, lobsters are considered more valuable because they are
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Effect of Population and Food Supply - PL SC 014 Wednesday...

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