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Homograph Riddles Homographs: Words that arespelled the same, but havedifferent meanings. Heteronyms:Words that arespelled the same, but havedifferent pronunciations and meanings. Bow to the man with the bow. Bend in respectto the man with theweapon that shoots arrows.
Homograph Riddles bass/bass live/live Thefishsang low. Livinganimals dwellhere.
Homograph Riddles wind/wind bow/bow In thisstrong breeze,he can’t tighten the springof the clock. The girl wearing aribbon tied in loopswillbend in respect.
Homograph Riddles lead/lead read/read
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Unformatted text preview:Guide me to the heavy metal. Sound out the words you have sounded out already. Homograph Riddles • wound/wound The nurse wrapped the bandage around the injury . Homograph Riddles • sewer/sewer She's the one who stTches in the wasTe pipe under The sTreeT. Homograph Riddles • refuse/refuse Don't accept garbage! Homograph Riddles • excuse, excuse Pardon me, but I have a reason for being late. Create Your Own Riddle • number • object • Polish/polish • present • produce • sewer • tear • dove • close