BioE210 HW5

BioE210 HW5 - Danny Marnell BioE 210 HW #5 1. 2) The EEG...

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Danny Marnell BioE 210 HW #5 1. 2) The EEG records brain activity, specifically graded potentials which are the summed postsynaptic potentials of the neurons underneath the electrodes. 4) NREM sleep describes the sleep state in which the eyes are not moving rapidly, and EEG waves are high amplitude and low frequency. In REM sleep, rapid-eye movements do occur, and the EEG records waves similar to that of an alpha rhythm. 8) Primary motivated behavior is behavior in which the body seeks to fulfill its needs and maintain homeostasis, such as eating food when hungry. Secondary motivated behavior is when a person has an incentive, from habitual, intellectual, and emotional factors, such as a better-tasting food. 14) Dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine are the major neurotransmitters implicated in causing schizophrenia and mood disorders. 15) Feelings of tolerance and withdrawal could be the result of neurotransmitter receptor regulation. Tolerance would arise from the fact that the cells would learn to have less receptors in the membrane since they know there will be an excess flow of neurotransmitters, and withdrawal would occur when it the cell has been deprived from its excessive influx of neurotransmitters, and normal activity is not enough for the receptors. 2. Mirror neurons function to “mirror” the behavior of another animal, to copy what is observed. This is important because mirror neurons are what allows us to learn from others, which may very
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BioE210 HW5 - Danny Marnell BioE 210 HW #5 1. 2) The EEG...

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