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Joe Cottone History 112 Andrew Jones Night Paper Night “We were incapable of thinking. Our senses were numbed, everything was fading into a fog. We no longer clung to anything. The instincts of self- preservation, of self-defense, of pride, had all deserted us. In one terrifying moment of lucidity, I thought of us as damned souls wandering through the void, seeking redemption, seeking oblivion, without any hope of finding either.” (Wiesel 36) While the holocaust was going on, the Nazis completely ripped the Jews of their identity, of their lives. The Nazis looked upon the Jews as animals, creatures infecting the world, that needed to be exterminated. ..yes, exterminated. To think that a powerful country, led by a charismatic leader in Adolf Hitler could actually try and exterminate a population of people is unbelievable. The Nazis, though losing the war itself, almost succeeded in the annihilation of the European Jewish population. Obviously they came up with an efficient enough way to kill the Jews, but the main question is how was each soldier, officer, etc. ..personally able to put someone in the crematoria, or as the book describes, use an infant as target practice with a machine gun. The only way to actually do this is to completely remove everything that is humane about a person. Creating an idea of what a Jew was, the Nazis were able to put into practice Hitler's Final Solution. In order for the Jews to become things which in a the Nazis minds did not deserve to live, the Nazis had to completely dehumanize them. Most concentration camps worked, at least generally, in the same way. Jewish men and women were separated, then transported via boxcar trains, trains made for transporting cattle and other animals.
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history paper 2 - Joe Cottone History 112 Andrew Jones...

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