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phys203 hw 3 - PHYSICS 203 HOMEWORK #3 Maya Greenberg,...

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PHYSICS 203 HOMEWORK #3 Maya Greenberg, Nikola Pikula, Joyce Wang, Siming Zhu 1. What was the lasting feature of Aristotle’s theory of elements? Even though Aristotle’s theory (about air, water, fire, and earth being the basic elements that caused motion while fighting to return to their natural places) was proven false, he made incredible contributions of observation and modeling. His methods and approaches were a huge breakthrough in that Aristotle challenged Plato’s idea that earth was a lower domain of base, imperfect substances and embraced rather than chastise empirical investigation and evidence. Aristotle’s theory of the elements also led to the first concept of natural motion. He claimed that natural motion here is toward the ground, the center of the earth. Also falling bodies speed up as they approach earth. This feature of his elements theory has been a definite and lasting feature and profound development of physics that was later to become Newton’s universal law of gravitation. 2. Why is the periodic table called periodic? The term ‘periodic’ came from the regular occurrence and periodic trends of certain chemical properties in the list of known elements when the elements were arranged in order of increasing relative mass, as done so in the famous periodic table. The elements in each vertical column have similar characteristics, and they are in general arranged by the ‘periodicity’ of electric charge (proton number). The table was invented by Dmitry Mendeleyev in 1869. 3. Giving two specific examples, discuss why close attention to minor details can be
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phys203 hw 3 - PHYSICS 203 HOMEWORK #3 Maya Greenberg,...

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