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CHAPTER 56 The Biosphere

CHAPTER 56 The Biosphere - b Very little rain or snow c...

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CHAPTER 56: THE BIOSPHERE 8. major biome categories: I. Tropical rain forest a. 140-450 cm of rain per year b. Contain at least half of the earth’s species of terrestrial plants and animals II. Savanna a. Dry climates that border the tropics b. The world’s greatest grasslands III. Desert a. Dry places where less than 25 cm of rain falls in a year IV.Temperate grassland a. Halfway between the equator and the poles b. Often populated by herds of grazing animals V. Temperate deciduous forest a. Mild climates and plentiful rains VI.Temperate evergreen forest a. Occur in regions where winters are cold and there is a strong, seasonal dry period VII. Taiga a. One of the largest on earth b. Winters are long and cold c. Most of the limited precipitation falls in the summer VIII. Tundra a. grassland that is open, windswept, and often boggy
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Unformatted text preview: b. Very little rain or snow c. Permafrost: permanent ice resulting from rain falling on frozen ground-Biomes are defined by rainfall and temperature Rain shadow effect: The reason why deserts are dry. As the air goes east, its moisture-holding capacity increases and the air picks up moisture from its surroundings, resulting in desert conditions prevailing on the east side of the mountains. Microclimate: localized climatic conditions that exist within ecosystems Greenhouse effect: The particles of carbon dioxide and other gases reflect the longer wavelengths of infrared light, or heat, radiating from the surface of the earth, keeping them in the atmosphere Global warming: the increased global temperature...
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CHAPTER 56 The Biosphere - b Very little rain or snow c...

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