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Immigration_and_Education_Outline[1] - Immigration and...

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Immigration and Education Outline Samantha Wood Attention Getter: They are honor roll students, Homecoming Queens, excellent athletes, class presidents and valedictorians. They have the potential to be teachers, doctors and lawyers, but there is one thing that stops them-they are living in the United States illegally. This brings up a very large and vastly growing topic—the issue of immigration and education. According to a survey done by college freshmen at Mississippi State University, ten out of 21 students say illegal children should not be given the privilege of attending public schools in the United States. Clearly, there is a debate on this issue of whether or not illegal immigrants should be granted access to United States education. Thesis: Today, I am going to convince you that all people regardless of immigrant status should be given the opportunity to pursue education in the United States. Preview Statement: First, I am going to explain this issue. Second, tell you why some people are absolutely against educating immigrants. Last, convince you to support illegal immigrants education and the Dream Act. Body: I. What’s going on currently with education and immigration? 1. The issue of education and immigration is a current topic. A. According to the National Immigration Law Center, there is a political debate about the education of undocumented children attending public schools, and also whether or not they should be able to attend American colleges.
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B. The National Immigration Law Center states that for the most of them, the undocumented children have grown-up and attended grade school in the United States, but only 5 to 10 percent of them get to go to college.
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Immigration_and_Education_Outline[1] - Immigration and...

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