PSY323 - Mental & Physical Health

PSY323 - Mental & Physical Health - Finish previous...

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Finish previous lecture - slides Video: Killing Us Softly III (effect of media treatment of genders) Sex differences in mental/phys health o Women more likely to seek psychotherapy/medical help (chart example on slide) because… May be taking their children Society tells women they can accept sickness unlike men Specific reasons (pregnancy) – more reasons than men for checkup/surgery etc. More in tune with their bodies (‘women should know their own body better’) – society Phys/mental health not mutually exclusive o Alongside differences btwn groups, there are in-group differences (individual differences between 2 women etc.) Ex: how one copes with stress Current Research – Stress or Bliss – Robert Baker 2005 o A stressful job + unhappy marriage = high blood pressure/stress o A stressful job + happy marriage = better blood pressure/latter lowers stress from former General health – variables: o Genetics o What you eat o Lifestyle o Environment o Age o Mindset o Healthcare availability o Biological sex Gender and Physical Illness Health-specific concerns (diff specific illnesses) o Diabetes o Heart disease o Cancer etc. ‘givens’ (re: Text) – women and men’s physical vulnerability/fitness/strengths o Life span -> women > men o Men more likely to commit suicide/homicide than women o Women more likely to report more phys illness/visit doctor more (chart on slides) Cardiac Health o Both men and women are affected (but generally seen as a ‘male’ topic) o Affected by diet/smoking etc – women have ‘caught up’ to men now, and may even be at more risk
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PSY323 - Mental & Physical Health - Finish previous...

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