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Throughout history, countless influential and history changing women have stemmed from the State of New York. From Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton, the mothers of the suffrage movement, to Diana Vreeland and Anna Wintour, the dictators of beauty and American fashion, these influential women all made a name and reputation for themselves in New York. While women have made history all throughout the State of New York, there is one particular group of prominent New York women that stands out as being truly one of a kind: New York City Women. As a native New Yorker and a New York City woman myself, I can personally attest to the fact that we are unique in our way of life and are almost a species of our own. The term “New York City women” does not merely refer to the women of New York City; it stands for a mindset, an attitude, and a lifestyle that is distinctive to us and us alone. Many of the characteristics associated with New York City women make us seem intimidating, cold, overly aggressive, or melodramatic; but upon a closer look you will notice that these personal traits are what makes us successful and passionate about everything we do, and has resulted in generations of powerful history changing women. Most of us are persistent in our endeavors and do not let any obstacles, no matter how large, get in our way of success. The word impossible simply does not register in our minds and does not have a place in our lives. We strive for excellence in everything we do. We have got walking from Midtown to Downtown Manhattan during rush hour in three and half inch stilettos down to an art form, which is an unimaginably difficult feat. The world around us moves at the speed of light and does not stop or slow down for any reason. We have adapted to this way of life that is constantly moving and changing, and some of us even get nervous when we visit a place where everyone is relaxed and slows 1
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down to smell the flowers. Our unique lifestyle, state of mind, and attitude did not arise as a result of innate qualities; instead, they developed from life experiences at home. The place called home, New York City, is a melting pot of people from all different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is also the fashion capital of the United States, with the American headquarters of almost all mainstream fashion magazines, modeling agencies, and designers located on a 34 square-mile plot of land known as Manhattan. Of the fashion magazines, the most established and distinguished is without doubt Vogue . From its humble beginnings as an unsuccessful weekly journal, Vogue was able to effectively revamp itself, ultimately surpassing all its competitors and becoming the most influential fashion magazine of the 20 th century, and continues to serve as the Holy Grail for countless fashion fanatics. During its 115 year history Vogue magazine has liberated women’s fashion, transformed fashion models from photographs of unknown girls to
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fgss paper - Throughout history countless influential and...

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