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Unformatted text preview: Figure 34-56 Lehigh University April 7, 2008 Physics 21, Spring 2008 Home Work Assignment (25-26) Note: Solutions to the problems must be submitted on WileyPLUS (www.wileyplus.com). HW-25 due April 15 25-1. (HRW 34-107) A fruit fly of height H sits in front of lens 1 on the central axis through the lens. The lens forms an image of the fly at a distance from the fly; the image has the fly's orientation and height . What are (a) the focal length f 1 of the lens and (b) the object distance p 1 of the fly? The fly then leaves lens 1 and sits in front of lens 2, which also forms an image at that has the same orientation as the fly, but now . What are (c) f 2 and (d) p 2 ? 25-2. (HRW 34-109) An eraser of height 1.0 cm is placed 10.0 cm in front of a two-lens system. Lens 1 (nearer the eraser) has focal length , lens 2 has , and the lens separation is . For the image produced by lens 2, what are (a) the image distance i 2 (including sign), (b) the image height, (c) the image type (real or virtual), and (d) the image orientation (inverted relative to the...
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HomeworkAssignment(25-26)-04-07-08 - Figure 34-56 Lehigh...

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