Psychology inquiry review2

Psychology inquiry review2 - Sample Pop. EMPLOYEE OUTPUT NO...

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Unformatted text preview: Sample Pop. EMPLOYEE OUTPUT NO TRAINING EMPLOYEE OUTPUT EFFICIENCY TRAINING PROGRAM Memory for words 3 letter words Memory for words 5 letter words 3 letter words Memory for words 5 letter words Memory for words Memory for words 3 letter words Memory for words 5 letter words eans main effects inal means to investigate main effects n cell means to investigate interactions ph within cell means to help look at interactions Psychology inquiry-Non-experimental research-Methods : ways of observing-Naturalistic Observation (aha field work): observing and describing naturally occurring phenomena with little experimenter intervention. -Has two main functions-gaining descriptive knowledge-gaining insight about patterns and relationships-Tends to be global in scope-not going to test a hypothesis-EX . Michael Fay’s megatranset across equatorial Africa.-conservationist walked across African jungle from Sept. 199 through Dec. 2000-encountered and recorded-plant life-animal life (behavior, excrement)-Ebola-poaching-people, villages-endured malaria, hepatitis, other infections-EX . Rosenhans (1973) study “on being sane in insane places”-Interested in experiences of patients in mental hospitals.-8 sane people gained admission to mental hospitals claiming they heard voices.-Once admitted, patients behaved normally-Stay at hospitals ranged from 7 to 2 days-Discharged with schizophrenia in remission after M=19 days-Documented treatment by doctors, “patients” feelings of powerless, depressiveness, depersonalization. -Systematic Observation : Careful observation of one or more specific behaviors in a particular setting may include experimenter intervention-Tends to be narrow in scope-Focused on certain behaviors or relationships after tests a hypothesis or 2.-EX . Robbers Cave Studies-Interested in the relationship between competition over scarce resources and prejudice-Focused on 2 groups of 11 year old boys at summer camp.-Competed with other groups for desired prizes (pocket knives, medals)-After 2 weeks, groups showed all components of prejudice.-Included intervention: attempt prejudice reduction.-working toward super ordinate goal, the amount of prejudice reduced.-Key Differences-Naturalistic Observation global in scope-Systematic Observation narrow in scope-Case Studies : an analysis of the experiences of a particular person or group of people-often focus on people whose extraordinary experiences would be difficult or impossible to recreate in the lab-used often by clinical psychologist, behavioral neuroscientists-EX . Phineas Gage-Railroad Boss, summer 1848-43 inch tamping iron through the prefrontal cortex-Drastic personality change as a result-why interesting? Front of brain related to personality-Archival research: using previously collected information to answer research questions....
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Psychology inquiry review2 - Sample Pop. EMPLOYEE OUTPUT NO...

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