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philsophy 11-20 - Phil 13, Class 20 11- 6- 06 Varieties of...

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Phil 13, Class 20 11- 6- 06 Varieties of responsibility - parent is responsible: parent has certain duty education food shelter, parent is responsible . . aren't are target - moral responsiblity: - Casual Responsibility related together, in a sense. . a child encourages the younger to do something bad; might be responsible but won't hold the younger child morally responsible. animal might hurt you; but won't respond to the animal in that moral response than to a human. - Moral Responsibility (and its relation to moral assessment) tornando was responsible for the lives of the death of. . - the behavior is atributable ot her in a certain way; for makes it appropriate to take the behavior in account - the behavior is attributable to you; its yours you did what you did Moral Blame- when judge that a action is morally wrong then that the agent is blame worthy for that action she did that act; it is attributable to her and it was an act that was unmoral, you;re blame worthy because you did the act and you did it - so morally responsible for that action - Is free will a metaphiscal condition on responsibiltiy? - the world might be that it doesn't have room for freew ill; then nobody is n't ' balme is inappropriate, - libertarianism is commited to the following - if deternimism is true then we don't ever do other than in fact we do the kind of free wil that is necessarily is determinism would exclude the kind of the libertarian think that we are free and we have free will and have moral responsibliti of our action in because determination as false. - moral responsible requires free will; if determination is true than all of our actions are; where nobody could ever refrain from the actions. - libertarian believe if determination is true than the laws of natuere takne together with
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philsophy 11-20 - Phil 13, Class 20 11- 6- 06 Varieties of...

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