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Cloud & IO Leaflet-1

Cloud & IO Leaflet-1 - CLOUD and I/O Series CLOUD and...

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Unformatted text preview: CLOUD and I/O Series CLOUD and I/O Series Premiere Ceiling and Surface Mount Loudspeakers CLOUD12 The Community CLOUD Series loudspeaker systems provide a comprehensive range of solutions for ceiling applications. The CLOUD12, CLOUD12SUB, CLOUD6 and CLOUD4 offer high quality speech and music reproduction, long-term reliability, and ease of installation. To provide optimum performance and consistent coverage with minimal diameter, all employ coaxial drive unit designs. The powerful, full-range CLOUD12 ceiling loudspeakers from Community are specifically designed for high-ceiling applications requiring high power handling, high fidelity, low distortion and smooth response. Engineered for use within industry standard backboxes, the CLOUD12 is offered with a 90° x 90° pattern control horn (CLOUD12-99) or 60° x 60° pattern control horn (CLOUD12-66) for standard 8 ohm operation. Both model configurations are additionally available with a premium, high quality, low insertion loss dual transformer package with taps at 200/100/50/25 watts for use with 70V and 100V distributed line systems (CLOUD12- 99T and CLOUD12-66T). Employing a coaxial two-way design and mounted on an integral baffle, CLOUD12 ceiling systems are outfitted with a single 12-inch cast frame low frequency driver and a high frequency section with adjustable attenuation utilizing a 1-inch compression driver. With a maximum output of 122 dB SPL/129 dB SPL (peak), and input rated at 500W program, the two-way devices exceed a bandwidth of 50 Hz - 16 kHz and come equipped with Community's proprietary PowerSense™ dynamic driver protection. Quick and easy to install using a standard baffle mount and four 8/32 mounting screws provided with each unit, the loudspeakers reliably perform with smooth, full-range response, clarity, and tightly defined coverage. The CLOUD12SUB ceiling subwoofer system offers true low frequency performance and power for high quality music installations and public address in large venues. Impressive bass and bandwidth performance can be achieved from permanently installed ceiling locations by partnering the CLOUD12SUB with Community's CLOUD12 loudspeakers. The CLOUD12SUB is also available in a 200 watt, 70V/100V transformer version (model CLOUD12SUB-T), and can be used with any full-range surface mount or ceiling loudspeaker configuration for enhanced, extended low bass output. Both the CLOUD12 and CLOUD12SUB are designed to easily match with industry standard 12” ceiling backboxes, grilles and tile bridges. But to make your installation even easier, Community offers complete accessories for our 12-inch ceiling systems. The optional, optimally-tuned 3.0 cubic foot C12BB3 is the stiffest and strongest backbox available with 23 welded-in steel reinforcing ribs. reinforcing ribs....
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  • Spring '08
  • RonaldE.Bowles
  • Loudspeaker, High Quality, Ceiling Loudspeakers, High Output Ceiling Systems, CLOUD6 ceiling loudspeakers, Surface Mount Loudspeakers

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Cloud & IO Leaflet-1 - CLOUD and I/O Series CLOUD and...

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