HIST 310 - EXAM 2 ID's

HIST 310 - EXAM 2 ID's - John C. Calhoun Secretary of War...

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John C. Calhoun – Secretary of War under James Monroe in 1817-1825. Proposed to keep the army as strong as possible after the war of 1812 and believed there is a need for engineers as well as officers from WestPoint Academy. Offered a scheme plan of Expansible Army which allowed for cuts w/ army to easily expand to 19,000 only in emergency need. The plan also would not cut officers and non commissioned officers or size of regiments, in order to easily train the new army in case of emergency. This idea however was rejected by Congress because it was too much pay grade on the national budget. Believed to be a very large mistake by Congress. James K. Polk – Ran and elected President on Expansionist Continent and believe in Manifest Destiny. Polk said he was going to Annex Texas and does so. Diplomatic Relations were broken from Mexico towards the U.S. Mexico said no to Polk’s offer to buy Texas. Polk provokes the war w/ Mexico. Polk sent troops under General Zachary Taylor into a disputed area and Mexican forces attacked with force of 25,000 against 3,000 U.S. The result of the Mexican War was Texas winning its independence completely separated from Mexico. The U.S. also received territory of California and Oregon extending its border to the coast in order to build ports for trade with the East. Zachary Taylor – General sent with 3,000 men by President James Polk into disputed territory claimed by both Mexico and U.S. after the annexation of Texas in 1846. The first battle of the Mexican War was Palo Alto in May of 1846 when double the Mexicans attacked Taylor’s men. Taylor was known as the hero of the Mexican War after battle of Buena Vista. Was believed to have morals and very courageous. Later was elected president of the U.S. Palo Alto – First battle of the Mexican War which gave Polk claim that American blood was spilled on “our territory.” The U.S. artillery technology was more advanced and the Mexican army was unable to get close enough to Taylor’s men. Taylor followed the Mexican retreat and moved into Mexico, however could not cross the Rio Grande because he was unprepared without boats. Monterrey – Taylor crosses the Rio Grande in September of 1846 and proceeded to Monterrey following the Mexican Army into their strong defensive position. His army is being depleted due to illness, and he needs supplies. He offers two conditions surrender to Americans or give Mexico time to retreat and claim Monterrey. Taylor allowed for truce for 2 months which makes Polk upset. Taylor’s army had to regain strength in his men and supplies. Polk hard on Taylor, but did the best thing. Polk lost confidence in Taylor after this. Buena Vista – Battle in Mexican War in February 1847. Polk placed Winfield Scott in command after disappointment in Taylor at Monterrey. Scott’s strategy was to recreate Cortez expedition by landing on the east going through mountainous terrain moving 12,000 men. The President of Mexico Santa Anna attacks Taylor’s
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HIST 310 - EXAM 2 ID's - John C. Calhoun Secretary of War...

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