GREEK HIST REVIEW FINAL - 1 Discuss the First Persian...

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1. Discuss the First Persian Invasion of Greece. What events precipitated the Persian attack? How did regions outside the Greek mainland play a role in this war? How did ineffective diplomacy play a part in the hostilities? Discuss in detail the first Persia invasion and discuss the major leaders, tactics, and outcome of Marathon. Why would the Athenians declare this as their "Greatest Moment?" During this time, Athens and Sparta relations were very tense. Athens was scared about Sparta going to Satrap Artaphernes the representative of Persia in Ionia for help. At the time, Athens meant nothing to Sparta. As part of negotiations, Athens brought earth and water, which the Persians saw as a submissive act. The Athens saw it as a token of good will. Rebellion occurred in 499 in the Greek city states in Ionia and the Athenians helped them out. Persia saw this as an insult because they had already given Persia earth and water. The outside city-states were the ones that rebelled against Persian tyranny in Ionia. They wanted a more democratic form of government that what Persia offered them. At first they went to Sparta for help but they refused to leave for fear of a helot uprising. The city states then went to Athens for support. Athens sent 20 ships and Eretria sent 5 ships too and all together they attacked Sardis. The Athenians went back to Athens and Persia put down the rebellion. Darius still saw the Athenian's help to the city states as an insult, especially since the Greeks had burned sacred temples. He had someone remind him everyday, "don't forget Athens." In 493, Persia sent envoys demanding earth and water. Athens and Sparta didn't submit. In 490, Persia invaded. He brought an army of only 30,000 because he thought it was going to be an easy victory. He started with Naxos and destroyed it. They also destroyed Eretia. He landed at Marathon and Marathon warned the Athenians. They sent Pheidippides, who was a long distance runner, to ask her help from Sparta. They said no. Athens sent out troops and were joined by troops by Plataea to Marathon to meet Persia, there were 10,000 men total. Athens was lead by Miltiades. Persia broke center and fell into trap. Greek went behind Persia and outflanked then. 6,000 Persians did, 192 Athenians died. Persia went back to ships and tried to circle around and attack Athens but the Athenian Hoplites had already let to get back. They met the nay and Persia retreated back to Persia. Athens won a land battle with out the Spartans. They considered it saving all of his Greece. 2. Discuss the buildup to the Second Persian Invasion of Greece, including leaders and alliances. What was the strategy in this war of both the Persians and Greeks? Why did the Greek strategy cause major controversies among the various poleis? Describe in detail the battles of Thermopylae/Artemision and Salamis. What factors does Herodotus set forth as the cause of the Greek victory? Xerxes starts building up his army to force Greece into submission and allies with
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GREEK HIST REVIEW FINAL - 1 Discuss the First Persian...

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