Chapter 7 - Congress

Chapter 7 - Congress - A) Congress (Odds/Ends) 50 questions...

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A) Congress (Odds/Ends) 50 questions 1) Congress - Legislative Branch a) Article I 2) Bicameral Makeup a) House of Representatives b) Senate 3) House or Representatives based on population a) Congressional Districts in a state Census taken every 10 years b) 435 seats in house number set by Congress (1911) c) each seat in House represents 646,952 constituents (person represented by elected official) one man, one vote d) each state must have at least one member in the house e) How does the census bureau determine the number of seats per state for the house? Determine the number of constituents per seat (a) Population of United States divided by 435 seats Determine number of seats per state (a) State population divided by constituents per seat (646,952) f) Every 10 years we have to reapportion the seats in the House Redistribution g) Malapportionment – unequal distribution of seats h) Census bureau determines the number of seats per states Who draws the lines for the districts in each state? State Legislatures (a) Rule – equal number of constituents per district i) Gerrymandering Drawing district lines in a state that is going to favor a particular group (a) Favor a political party (b) Race (i) Majority-minority districts- Putting in a district so that the majority of the people in the district are a minority. 1. Based on descriptive representation not substantive representation a. Think that people will vote for people that matches their race b. Substantive representation is voting for the people because they best reflect the views and interests that the person has. (c) Rural vs. urban j) Qualifications 25 years old Been a US citizen for 7 years. Live in the state you represent so you don’t have to live in the district you
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Chapter 7 - Congress - A) Congress (Odds/Ends) 50 questions...

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