Chapter 2 Constitution

Chapter 2 Constitution - A. Constitution 1. Definition-...

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A. Constitution 1. Definition- written plan of government Tells us 2 things 1. How government is organized (examples- 3 branches of government 2. What powers the government has (examples- congress has the power to raise taxes, armies etc. 2. Liberty- rights ii. goal of American Revolution The colonies wanted to break away from the British government because they felt they didn’t have enough rights b. Declaration of Independence i. life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness c. John Locke- natural rights God gave these to us when we born i. life, liberty, and property are the alienable rights B. Articles of Confederation 1. first Constitution 2. strong state government, but a weak national government 3. Weaknesses a. one branch- legislative (Continental Congress) pass laws but couldn’t enforce them
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1 vote per state 2/3 vote needed to pass laws members appointed by the state legislature b. national government couldn’t control trade c. every state needed to agree to an amendment to the Articles of Confederation 4. Series of meetings a. Mt. Vernon, Virginia 1785 b. Annapolis, Maryland September 1786 c. Constitutional Convention May 1787 Philadelphia 1. James Madison –Father of the Constitution 2. No models to follow no models to follow 3. State Constitutions
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Chapter 2 Constitution - A. Constitution 1. Definition-...

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