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HISTORY 1120 EXAM I ESSAYS INSTRUCTIONS: After completing the fifty objective questions, you may write an essay answering one of the questions below. The question on which you write will be selected through a random drawing at the beginning of class. In preparation, you may write anything you wish on this sheet of paper (but only this sheet) and use it to help you construct your essay during the test. Those notes, however, may not be used on the objective portion of the exam. Your essay may not include sentences or statements directly copied from the textbook or any other source. Use your own words. If you choose to complete the essay, it will count fifty percent of your exam score. Remember to bring a blue book to class and to place this sheet in the blue book when you turn it in. 1.What factors made it possible for the United States to industrialize so rapidly in the late Nineteenth Century? Discuss each factor in detail providing statistical information where possible. 2.Discuss Theodore Roosevelt's impact on the office of president.
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