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Chapter 2-3 exercises - when the train is not accelerating...

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Physics 1030 Some selected exercises 2.22. A monkey hangs stationary at the end of a vertical vine. What two forces act on the monkey? Which, if either, is greater? 2.23. When a ball is tossed straight up, it momentarily comes to a stop at the top of its path. Is it in equilibrium at this brief moment? 2.33. A force of gravity pulls downward on a book on a table. What force prevents the book from accelerating downward? 2.43. Two people each pull with 300 N on a rope in a tug of war. What is the net force on the rope? How much force is exerted on each person by the rope? 2.48. If you toss a coin straight upward while riding on a train, where does the coin land
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Unformatted text preview: when the train is not accelerating? When the train slows down while the coin is in the air? When the train is turning? 3.6. Can an automobile with a velocity toward the north simultaneously have an acceleration toward the south? 3.14. Cite an example where speed could be zero and acceleration is non-zero. 3.27. For a freely-falling object, what is the acceleration after the 5 th second? After the 10 th second? 3.32. If you drop an object, its acceleration is 10 m/s 2 . If you throw an object downward, is its acceleration more than 10 m/s 2 ?...
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