Ch12-metal - Chapter 12: Heavy Metal, Notes to KNOW on you...

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Chapter 12: Heavy Metal, Notes to KNOW on you own!!!!!!! New styles from the 1980s underground * Two early styles emerged during the early 1980s *Heavy Metal *Rap The common elements * Roots in earlier styles * Immensely popular and successful * Image: representative of a disenfranchised segment of society * Each style maintained its individual identity The rise of heavy metal * Stylistic features that were inspirational to metal musicians *Most writers cite Black Sabbath as the originators of the style *The heavy and gothic character of Sabbath's early music *Driving riffs *Dark themes *Extended guitar solos * The heavier side of Led Zeppelin's music *Deep Purple *Musical features similar to Black Sabbath’s music *Added aspects of classical music *Metal emerged from British and Los Angeles underground scenes British heavy metal * General characteristics of all British Heavy Metal bands in 1980s *Guitar driven *Emphasis on flashy soloing *Heavy drumbeats *An attempt to get back to an earlier style British heavy metal (continued) * Ozzy Osborne quit Black Sabbath in 1977 *Went solo and released successful albums in 1980 and 1981 *a. The Blizzard of Ozz (uk7 p2, 1980) *b. Diary of a Madman (uk14 p16, 1981) *Worked with Randy Rhodes on guitar *Black Sabbath replaced Ozzy with Ronnie James Dio on lead vocals British heavy metal (continued) * Judas Priest
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* Iron Maiden Los Angeles heavy metal * Los Angeles had established itself as a place to succeed in the record industry *Musicians migrated to Los Angeles during the 1970s *Metal style guitar players were inspired by Van Halen’s success *Heavy Metal relies on guitar—often two lead guitarists in a band *The Metal style sustained the influx of guitar players in Los Angeles Los Angeles heavy metal (continued) * Van Halen *Personality clashes in the band between Eddie Van Halen and singer David Lee Roth *Last album featuring Roth was 1984 (p2 ukl5, 1984) *Sammy Hagar replaced Roth in 1985 *Released 5150 (p1 ukl6, 1986) *Roth released a solo album in 1985 * a. Eat ‘em and Smile (p4 uk28) *b. Featured guitarist Steve Vai Los Angeles heavy metal (continued) * Motley Crüe *Featuring singer Vince Neil *Drummer Tommy Lee *Several successful albums throughout the decade *First successful album
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Ch12-metal - Chapter 12: Heavy Metal, Notes to KNOW on you...

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