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Notes on PBS Punk Documentary

Notes on PBS Punk Documentary - release Anarchy in the UK...

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Notes on PBS Punk Documentary. Rock had become very serious- progressive rock Yes, The Eagles, etc. Punk and its origins in the USA. Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers Lenny Kaye and Patti Smith Going for 1960’s garage band sound Richard Hell and Tom Verlaine from Television Goal to replace the Hippie generation CBGB’s and Hilly Kristal The Ramones- simple songs NOT about love. Fast short songs “Long songs played quickly” “sick bubble gum”- thought their music was like 60’s teen pop with twisted lyrics. Blondie and Talking Heads also part of CBGB tradition David Bryne of Talking Heads Punk was not a style but an attitude It became a style Comments about FM radio only playing “good music” Similar to TPA/ASCAP attitudes toward RnB and Rock in 40’s and 50’s In USA punk seems destined to remain a NYC phenom In UK Punk explodes Malcolm McClaren and the Sex Pistols John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) inspired by theater and film-not music “anyone can be nice”
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Unformatted text preview: release Anarchy in the UK in 1976 infamous TV appearance leads cancellation and banned record next stunt even bigger- “God Save the Queen” only real protest to Queen Silver Jubilee celebration God Save the Queen hits #1 but on top ten list name is blacked out The Clash Lasted much longer than Sex Pistols More political band-multiple influences Reggae music big influence Link between punk and Reggae is the rebelliousness. Bob Marley and famed Reggae producer Lee Perry work with Punks in UK Punky Reggae Party New Wave of punk more pop and reggae influenced The Police, The Pretenders, Elvis Costello Sex Pistols hit the USA Decide to tour in the South to get bigger reaction They get it. They break up in San Francisco before tour is over Punk bands change sound and have hits Talking Heads and RnB feel Blondie and Disco “not music for the over privileged” in US Punk finally hits big with the Grunge sound...
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