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Woodstock Notes - Woodstock Notes Date-Aug 15,16,17(and...

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Woodstock Notes Date-Aug 15,16,17 (and 18 th ) 1969 Location-Bethel NY pop 3900. Max Yasgurs Farm Attendance-100,000 to 200,000 anticipated.- estimated 500,000 showed up 3 deaths- One death- run over in sleeping bag, 2 nd death- heroin overdose,3 rd death- another overdose Possibly 2-5 births but no proof (registered births), 8 miscarriages reported Promoters- John Roberts- he had the $$, Joel Rosenman- Roberts roommate and business partner, Artie Kornfeld- songwriter and music industry guy, and Michael Lang- had staged a big concert in Florida and was a friend of Artie Kornfield- Artie and Michael were the hippies of the group. Original site gets yanked by city just 6 weeks before the concert. Eventually fences came down- safety and common sense override $$ concerns Townsfolk- who many were adamantly against festival- pitch in to help feed everyone Hundreds of thousands of people with no food, shelter, or money. Lots of sharing and caring for one another. Even though musicians look like the young hippies, remember they are wealthy, famous and privileged. They arrive on helicopters, not in cars. Janis Joplin, The Who and the Grateful Dead refused to play- unless paid in advance- promoters had to get the local bank open to get the $$. Perhaps the peace, love, and sharing vibe not necessarily totally embraced by the performers. Hard costs of 2.4 million once concert was over- much more in lawsuits, fees, fines, etc. Scene Descriptions Side A- scene number and brief description 3- shows preparation and set-up. Note how pretty the area is, fields, woods, lake. Song is “Long Time Gone” sung by Crosby, Stills, and Nash. 4- Michael Lang- the most visible of the four Woodstock promoters utters his famous “If
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  • Woodstock Festival, Artie Kornfield- Artie, Woodstock promoters utters, Artie Kornfeld- songwriter, 25- Artie Kornfield, unscheduled performance- song

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Woodstock Notes - Woodstock Notes Date-Aug 15,16,17(and...

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