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Eas 122 chapter 1

Eas 122 chapter 1 - 5 today’s population is between 6...

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Eas 122 Chapter 1 Questions: 1.a) The natural disasters that killed the most people in 2005 were earthquakes and hurricanes. b) deaths are highest from China, Bangladesh, India, Iran and Turkey c) insurance losses are highest in the United States 2. the greater the magnitude of a disaster the less frequency it will occur 3. a)a natural disaster is an event that happens that kills many people a natural hazard is the probability the a natural disaster will occur b) economic losses are financial losses (damaged structures) lost during a natural disaster insured losses included lost businesses organizations, homes, unemployment and other things insured that are directly affected (very costly) 4. doubling time = 70/ % growth rate/yr
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Unformatted text preview: 5. today’s population is between 6 billion and 7 billion … 6. exponential growth __) The curve changes so dramatically because the population begins to double 7. exponential growth is simply growth in a compound fashion that given time leads to incredible numbers 8. carrying capacity is a point where the population cant exceed anymore … its at its max Limit of the carrying capacity environmental conditions 9. demographic divide is the situation difference between the rich and the poor The rich have a low birth rate and high life expectancy, while the poor have a high birth rate and low life expectancy…so the divide is greater Rich = Japan Poor = Nicaragua...
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