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marcus marinkovich 1212 homework

marcus marinkovich 1212 homework - 2 Ronald Reagan...

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Marcus Marinkovich homework 12-12-07 1. Nkrumah envisions an African political union. He thinks that it is necessary for Africa to develop fully and effectively the resources it has. Africa has forty percent of the potential water power in the world yet only one percent has been developed. Another reason for the political union is that he thinks a lot of the countries are too small and weak. He says that at least nine countries have a population less than three million people. He thinks that an African united political union would be a huge example to the world of what unity can do. He thinks the Africa political union can be a huge world power built on hope, trust, friendship, and directed to the good of all mankind.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Ronald Reagan constructs the Cold War as moral struggle rather than an economic-political struggle by invoking a few things. He says that it has been a bloody century because of totalitarianism. He thinks that the people deserve free elections. The Soviet Union was oppressive wherever it went; whether they invaded Afghanistan or suppressed Polish Solidarity or used chemical and toxin warfare in Afghanistan and Southeast Asia. The Soviet Union is denying human freedom and human dignity to its citizens. He thinks that the Soviet people should have enough food to eat and not starve. He thinks that freedom belongs to everybody not just the lucky few....
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