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When Ibn Batuta was talking about the Turks in Antaliya [Adalia], he talked about how the different groups lived in different quarters of the city, while the Muslims lived in the main part of the city. This is the first time in history where I have seen people being sectioned off in the same town. I think this happens in America with the different races of people living in certain sections of city, with the wealthy (kings and queens ) living in another section away from the middle class. Marco Polo’s description of Kinsay seems exaggerated based on what we talked about in
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Unformatted text preview: class when we talked about Melaka and Tenochitlan. He said that there were twelve guilds and told many people belonged to each of the guilds and the houses. According to his numbers there would be at least 1,728,000 workers in Kinsay alone. Polo also tells us that the masters of the houses do not even touch the things that are build in their house, and this is similar to what happens today with the CEO of a company probably not looking at every product that he makes....
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